Worried that you’re not receiving OBJECTIVE ADVICE?

We’re here to help you feel confident in your financial future.

Studies by Vanguard, Michael Kitces, and other leading financial experts suggest that an effective financial advisor can add roughly 3% of value to a financial plan each year.  While this is great news, we still see three major problems within the financial industry:

  1. People receive conflicted advice due to a lack of a fiduciary relationship (see FIDUCIARY)
  2. The industry has an outdated method for determining fees
  3. People rarely understand what their all-in fees are, or how they impact their plan.


We’ve built Integrity Wealth Management to address these three major problems.


Financial Planning and Investment Management: $750 PER MONTH

We certainly do not aspire to be the “least expensive on the market” but we are passionate about charging a fair, professional rate that leads to a long and satisfying relationship with our clients. While our top-notch financial advice and services always come first, our flat-fee model has become another reason our business thrives on introductions from our clients to other retirees.


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