We certainly do not aspire to be the “least expensive on the market” but we are passionate about charging a fair, professional rate that leads to a long and satisfying relationship with our clients.  While our top-notch financial advice and services always come first, our flat-fee model has become another reason our business survives entirely on introductions from our clients to other retirees.

How much is your fee?

Our fee for comprehensive financial planning and investment management is $1,500 per quarter.  Our retirement portfolios tend to have a cumulative expense ratio of 0.07% or less, versus industry averages that typically run 0.5-1% (this expense goes directly to the fund managers for administrative and operating costs, NOT to your advisor).  We also work to minimize tax costs, trading expenses, cash drag and other fees so that you have the best chance at a successful retirement.


When do you charge a fee?

We do not charge simply to review a person’s financial plan, rather we mutually decide after Step 3 of our RETIREMENT READINESS process if a relationship makes sense.

We begin the new fee structure once your new plan is established.


Do you have a minimum?

Many financial firms require a minimum amount of investable assets in order work with an advisor.  Instead, we charge a fee based on providing top-notch service and advice to each and every relationship we enter into.

With that said, a retiree with $300,000 of assets and 2% all-in fees/expenses, a relationship with us would roughly be budget neutral.  With less than this, an introduction to another firm with a more traditional pricing model may be a better fit.


*The above represents a generic scenario, and each individual would have unique variables that warrant a deeper discussion