What if the plans you envisioned for your retirement have gaps or pitfalls that you’re not aware of?  These are what we call “blind spots,” and we address them by walking you through a tried and true process we’ve developed over the years called RETIREMENT READINESS.

RETIREMENT READINESS analyzes 14 separate retirement risks, testing the strength of your plan and identifying potential weaknesses.  Through this process, our clients can be confident they’re set up for success and look to the future with optimism!


Step #1: Introduction 10-30 minutes

Typically over phone or video chat.

We discuss any immediate concerns and questions you may have, where you see an advisor helping, and give a short overview of our services and background.  We’ll also give a high-level overview of the different types of advisor-relationships, which will help us mutually decide if we should move forward and schedule the ‘Power-Hour’ meeting, or we’ll part as friends and help you find an advisor who might be a better fit. 



Step #2: Power-Hour Meeting 40-60 minutes

This is a no-obligation meeting where we dive deeper into topics that came up in our pre-meeting chat.  Typical discussions include:

  1.  Challenges you’re facing
  2.  Taking stock of where you’re at now and what you want retirement to look like
  3.  Overview of our financial planning process and philosophy

*Some retirees are excited to get the ball rolling and send financially relevant documents, statements, etc. prior to this meeting.  Others bring these documents to the meeting or send them afterwards- we want you to do whatever is most comfortable for you!  



Step #3: Sharing our Findings 30-90 minutes

We share with you our observations, go over your RETIREMENT RISKS analysis, and discuss any additional findings from the technology we leverage.  This meeting has a wide time range based on how much there is to report and how many questions you have for us.

Step #4: Decision Step 10-15 minutes

Outcome A- For whatever reason, we’re not the best match.  If you prefer, we’ll help you find another advisor.

Outcome B- We’re mutually a great fit, and we’ll review the next steps to proceed.




Step #5:  Plan Implementation 30-45 minutes

  1. Complete new plan paperwork/electronic signatures
  2. Link to needed technology: Right Capital, AdvicePay, Custodian of choice, etc.


Step #6: Service Calendar/Strategy Meetings

We monitor and update your plan with an easy-to-follow service calendar, reviewing different planning topics each month.  This way you accomplish tasks along the way in bite-size steps, rather than feeling like everything has to be done at once. 

We also leverage strategy meetings because often time-sensitive issues arise that cannot wait for the next scheduled meeting.  This could involve tax law changes, income decisions, Social Security and Medicare choices, or an endless list of agenda items that will come up throughout the life of our relationship. 



We will also occasionally host or sponsor events- ranging from dinner classes, wine tastings, fundraisers, musical events and so on.  If there is something you’re passionate about, let us know and perhaps we can add it to our list!